Tekieh Moaven Ol-Molk

The world's largest miniature relay

Tekieh in Iran is an open-space construct made for religious rites, usually dedicated to one of the Imams. This Tekieh was made during Qajar’s era and not long after its construction became a center of religious and social meetings. The significance of the building lies in its role during the Constitutional Revolution of Iran, constitutionalist gathered in this Tekieh and planned their oppositional actions. after the constitutionalists were suppressed, the owner of the Tekieh, Hassan Khan Moaven Ol-Molk, reconstructed the building and added a new construct, a massive beautiful building in three sections. To enter the building, you have to pass through one of the three entrances and 17 big stairs. The building is adorned with beautiful tile work and pictures of religious rites, showing people while they mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his family. The middle hall, dedicated to Zainab, Imam Hussein’s sister, has 18 sorrowful paintings narrating what has happened in Karbala. Besides showing the beauty of Iranian architecture, this building is the representation of a belief that has its roots in the heart and mind of Iranian for about 1000 years, making it a very interesting and influential place to visit.