A city in Kermanshah that is known as the city of god. Some believe this name came from Zoroastrian priests (Bogh, Mogh, Magus) that consider the mountain of this city sacred. The name has some similarities to Bogh the Babylonian god. Carved on this mountain is the famous relief of Darius’s victory over the oppositions. When Darrius was about to come to the throne, the governor of one of the Satraps or States, claimed to be Bardia, the dead son of Cyrus. gaining the support of 9 generals of the army, Bardia started a riot that was suppressed by Darius I. The story of his victory over Gaumata (the false Bardia) is the theme of Biston Relief. In this relief, Darius is standing facing Fravashi, the symbol of all that is good, while in front of him, the 9 defeated generals are in chains and Bardia is under his feet. There is an inscription in three languages, introducing Darius, narrating the previous king’s death, Gaumata’s riot, his defeat, encouraging truthfulness, …)