Country Iran
Spoken languages Frasi- Isfahani dialect
Population 2989070
Area 550 km2


Isfahan, The Pearl of Tourism

Isfahan is a metropolis surrounded by desert and semi-desert districts from the east and Zagros Mountains from the west. The distance between the south of the capital of Iran and this city is about 414km and it is located at the height of 1575 m above the sea level and enjoys a moderate climate and partly regular seasons. Isfahan is a district with Iranian civilization and culture which contains many heritages from all historical eras that registered in the list of historical monuments.

Isfahan is one of the valuable archaeological centers, parallel to world-class areas, and many of its artifacts have been registered in the list of monuments and it has a high universal position for art, economy, science, industry, commerce, and tourism. The name of Isfahan comes always along with Zayanderud River; also, it is properly called Nesf-e Jahan (means "half of the world") as one of the most spectacular places in Iran. Isfahan has been always a significant and glorious city in transportation and commodity exchanges because of its strategic axis along the Silk Road in the past and its heritage of ancient art, commerce, and industry, at this time.

According to history, Isfahan has been the industrial pole of the country. What placed Isfahan in this economical position is big industries such as iron foundry, automotive, military, aircraft, gas accessories and installations, Mobarakeh steel complex, refinery, polyacrylic, and different ceramic, tile making, stone, mine and stone cutting, and textile factories. Also, this city is the center of Iran's handicraft on which a great part of the province's economy depends.  Tourism has also prospered in this city. Isfahan is always a living place for different ethnicities and religions and one of the most significant centers for immigration of different religions'  believers including muslims, Christians, the Jewish, and Zoroastrians. People in Isfahan speak in Esfahani accent, a tonal accent with some differences in pronounciation, vocabulary, and even structure in comparison with Persian standard language.

Isfahan UNESCO heritages list: Chehel Sotun Palace (Palace of 40 Columns)

Isfahan Top Tourist Attractions: The Swinging MinaretChahar- bagh SchoolPol-e KhajuSi-o-Se (33) PolMasjid-e Sheikh Lotf Allah,

Isfahan Hotels: Abbasi, Khajo, Piroozi, Kawsar, Aseman,  Aliqapoo, Safir, Sonati Isfahan