Iranian cuisine is diverse, so diverse that no one can claim that he/she has tasted all it has to offer and that proves how significant food is in this country. for Iranian, food is an art of colors and shapes and tastes, but it should be mentioned that they don’t sacrifice taste for beauty. Iranian serve food in Sofreh, a table cover that is scattered on the floor instead of a table and the family members sit around with the father/grandfather of the house sitting at the top and being served first. when you look at the Sofreh and the foods the colorful dishes and side dishes get your attention. The combination of different food groups like Cereals, Beans, Vegetables and Vegetable proteins is seen in all Iranian foods. The climate has been very effective in the form of dishes that are produced in each region, but generally, in Iranian Cuisine the mixture of rice and stew is the most common form, there are many different stews and they might differ from city to city, but they are all served with rice and some side dishes like salad, yogurt, and pickled vegetables.

Characteristics of Iranian Cooking
The four main characteristics of Iranian cooking are: rice, brewing and simmering of food, having somewhat identical recipes and gentle tastes. Gentle Taste: Iranian foods are gentle and moderate, i.e.,  Besides, all main foods have a little seasoning and spice additives. 

Daily meals
The Iranian have three main courses: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lunch and Dinner: For lunch and dinner portions, Iranians mostly have rice and stew or different types of meat such as boiled, fried or kabab. Dinner usually is lighter than lunch and consumption of rice is fewer in this meal. 

The Most Famous Iranian Foods
The variety of Iranian cuisine is very high due to its vast geography and diverse climate. The most well-known Iranian national foods are Ghormeh Sabzi and Gheimeh Fesenjan stews as well as Kabab and Abgoosht. Besides, in different cities or villages, local foods are cooked based on their local agricultural, horticultural and livestock products. Such as:Kufteh (Tabriz), Biryani (Isfahan), Almond stew (Kermanshah), Ghalieh Mahi (South of Iran), Baghala Ghatogh and Mirza Ghassemi (Gilan).