Good to Know

Iran due to political problems has no connection to outside banking and therefore the credit card cannot be used in normal daily purchasing unless you want to buy a carpet; which can be helpful as some of the carpet shops do have an office outside Iran, which have access to the banking system and can use your card to withdraw money for your purchase. You can bring $ - Euro – Pound sterling which is the market's main currency to exchange in Iran.
Note: in some shops the prices placed on the goods may be in Toman, make sure you don’t mistake and think that is Rial.

INTERNET: The hotels mostly have free internet in the Lobby and give free access in the room for a limited GB and after that, you will have to pay for it.

ELECTRICITY  220 V, 50 Hz. 

Iran is + 3:30 GMT (Atumn+Winter).
Iran is +4:30 GMT (Spring+Summer)

LANGUAGE  The official language is Persian in Iran.

Also Good to Know
Taking pictures of the city to take back with you as a remembrance it is ok, but taking pictures of the governmental building, army barracks are not allowed
o You should ask the permission of the people if you are going to take pictures of them or their families.
o Men Shaking hands with men, no problem but not with ladies.