The Cultural Heritage and Handicraft Organization of Iran define handicrafts as works of art that: are made by a human, so machines have no place in their production, the materials are all local or from within the country, they are of cultural value and reflects traditional patterns or style, they are distinct and like no other products, they don’t require huge investment like other industries, they have high added value, they can be produced anywhere in cities, villages or nomadic tribes, and the technique of their creation is transferred from master to pupil. 
Iranian handicrafts are among the other souvenirs of that will surprise you; several years of experience of Iranian artists who have made various beautiful objects with different functions will help you choose from among 320 kinds of handicrafts, some of them have 9000 years of historical backgrounds. You can use Iranian handicrafts to decorate your and loved one's house. 
In Iran, there are hundreds of handicrafts categorized into some main sections, the most famous of which are: 
•    Textile arts such as traditional braiding and the production of hand-woven textiles like carpets, rugs, and traditional Gillim, Gabbeh and Varni, etc.  
•     Metal-working and traditional chiseling
•     Pottery and ceramic arts
•     Glass blowing
•     Wood-working, Mo’arraq, Monabbat etc.
•     Leather products
•     Jewelry and related arts