Medical Services

Health Tourism in Iran 

Iran has always been an important destination for those seeking treatment for different ailments. The fame of Persian physicians like Avicenna and Rhazes had reached different parts of the world that in turn draw the patients to Iran in hope of a cure. The treaties and books written by these great physicians have been taught in many medical schools, especially medical schools in Europe. Besides the great physicians, Iran was known for its medical-related geographical features such as medical plants, insects, and hot water springs.  Iran has more than 1000 hospital and 400 thousand active nurses providing services in all medical fields including heart surgeries, plastic surgeries, dental services, infertility and miscarriage treatment, ophthalmology and orthopedics services, kidney and urinary tracts surgeries, sex reassignment surgeries, advanced laboratory tests, and genetic diagnosis, and all transplants (bone marrow, kidney, liver, …) what makes Iran significant is that all the mentioned services are provided immediately with the highest.

Iran has the potential of becoming a center of Health Tourism in the Middle East since:

It has skilled physicians familiar with the latest medical techniques.
It has hospitals, clinics, and health centers supplied with the latest models of medical equipment.
It provides low priced and affordable medical services of high quality.
It has been a leading country in stem cells, radiopharmaceuticals, nuclear medicine, and specific diseases.
It has doctors and physicians that have been acknowledged internationally. 
It has unique characteristics as a tourist destination.
It can provide all the needed services for the guests. (Visa, Transfer, Accommodation, Tour Guide, …)

The Patients Departure from Country
Here in Ariaei Tours we wish our guests to experience a healthy and satisfying stay, we try to provide the best services possible with suitable price. Our direct services continue until the patients leave Iran (transfer to airport, train station, bus station or border terminals), but that’s not the end of our job. Even after leaving Iran, our consultant will contact the patients to follow the recovery process.

Ariaei Tours have a team of consultant ready to give information regarding:
•    The Medical Centers in Iran
•    The MRI Scan and Imaging Centers
•    The Laboratories 
•    The Physicians (divided based on their expertise) 
•    The Insurance procedures 
•     Legal consultation and patient problem pursuit

Ariaei Tours has also a team of organizers ready to do all the medical arrangements such as:

•    Registration and Survey filling
•    Appointment fixing with physicians
•    Price calculating based on requests
•    Organizing all the requirements for the chosen physician
•    Organizing all the requirements with the medical center
•    Patients transfer to and from the medical center

Ariaei Tours Health Tourism department is also ready to introduce the tourism centers of Iran to provide means of entertainment for its customers as well. The costumers can ask for information regarding Iran’s tourism destinations including:
•    The Residential Centers
•    The Shopping Centers
•    Tourist Attractions 
•    Spa and hydrotherapy Centers
•    Healthy Villages
•    Insurance 
•    Transfer
•    Tour Guide and Translator
•    Tourist Packages
•    Ticket
•    Visa 
•    Cell Phone
•    Bank and ATM
Ariaei Tours can arrange the best medical services based on what the costumers want. These services include:
•    Appointment fixing with the chosen physician
•    organizing all the necessary tests
•    organizing scans and imaging
•    arranging the hospitalization process 
•    providing all the necessary medicines 
•    providing all the necessary medical facilities
•    arranging recovery time for the patients 
•    monitoring the patient's recovery time within the country