Why Iran

Now it’s time to surprise someone you love!

• A treasure trove of the world’s finest architecture in the world 

• 24 of historical monuments of Iran registered as the UNESCO World Heritage. 

• The most memorable moments of the Iranian hospitality 

• The Highest cultural and ethnic diversity 

• The Art & the Crafts of Persia registered as the Spiritual Heritage in UNESCO.

• A four season and a climate diversity through the Iranian Plateau so much that one could experience a difference up to 50º! 

• Variation of natural and geographical entities such as:  8200 types of plants, 163 types of mammals, 550 types of bird, 1000 species of amphibians and insects, 10 different peaks above 4000 meters , 28 Different lakes throughout, more than 100 natural caves. 

• Iran is one of the most affordable destinations in the world. 

• You will travel back in time by exploring Iran’s rich history and background 

• Iranian cuisine will reveal the pleasure of tasting the rich Persian ingredients 

• Iran is a very safe destination for tourists 

• The variation of touristic resources, such as Persian Gardens, Ancient cities that will remind you of the tale of Shehrzad and One thousand and one night story!

• Finally, Persia is a land to discover and the Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. Welcome to Iran