World Holiday Show

We are coming Back!
After a long stop from 2019 to 2023 almost 4 years we are coming back to work.
Poonel Tour and Travel is one of the tour operators, which has stood the test of time! As the operational body will work but it needs a new look and change of operational system.
We have created a new brand called Ariaeetours. The word Ariaee refers to the the Arian People who later set up the Persian Empire, we are proud to use such name to represent us.
A Great Start
From Jan 2023 we are coming out with the Brand of Ariaee Tours to bring a new generation of tour experience from Cultural  to business and special different events.
Poonel will be holding the Iran Stand at the Holiday World Show in Dublin from 27th to 29th of Jan 2023, with the brand of Ariaee Tours.
For those who want to apply for the Holiday World Show in Jan you can apply in writing to or contact Amir Arbaban on +989396450038

I wish you all the best.